Rahavard Journal of Persian Studies is a prominent print publication, circulated by subscription, to influential Iranians and those interested in Iran-related issues around the globe. It was first published in 1982, and has since been one of the Iranian diaspora’s most reputable publications.

Launched by Hassan Shahbaz, Rahavard is now headed and published by Sholeh Shams-Shahbaz, his widow, who has been at the helm of the publication since 1991 and is the Editor-in-Chief.

Editor in Chief: Sholeh Shams-Shahbaz

Sholeh Shams Shahbaz was born in Iran and moved to US in 1966 at the age of 16. She returned to Iran where she obtained her BA in Iranian Literature from Pahlavi University and went on to receive an MBA and PHD in Business management in the US.

She travels and lectures on human rights, women’s rights, the role of media in this ever changing world, the turmoil in Middle East and more. She is an advocate for children’s right and a proponent of rights for Iranian refugees.

Maryam Editor of English edition: Maryam Shargh-Zar

Maryam is an Iranian born American who grew up in New Jersey. She has a BS in Mass Communications and Journalism from Boston University and a JD from Pepperdine Law School. She moved back to Iran in the 1990’s for 4 years and became an Editor at Tehran Times, an English language daily newspaper in Iran, as well as a writer/correspondent for Gulf Marketing Review (GMR) and Middle East Economic Digest (MEED), published in London.

In addition to being the new Editor of Rahavard’s English section, she is also the Director of Women’s Programs at Omid for Iran Foundation and is the Founder of Womenfound, a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of women in underdeveloped parts of the world, as well as raising money for charities and foundations that help women around the world. Visit www.womenfound.org for more information.

Contact us at: english@rahavard.com


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